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AccessMaster NetWall (Evidian)

Providing high-end security with complete multi-level control, NetWall provides a powerful solution to easy, centralized network security management, whether the deployment involves tens or hundreds of sites. Advanced security features include stateful IP filtering, application proxies, NAT, IPSEC VPN, ITSEC E3 certification, a broad range of authentication schemes, integration with anti-virus and content checking, load balancing and 24x7 availability, LDAP support and centralized management, alerts, audit and reporting.

BorderManager (Novell)

Helps businesses protect systems and strengthen network borders.

BorderWare Firewall Server (BorderWare Technologies)

A comprehensive integrated solution for securing your internet connection. Built on a hardened operating system, it eliminates vulnerabilities and costs associated with a separate firewall and operating system. Running on standard Intel platforms, BorderWare can install on easily available hardware, which can be upgraded to grow as your internet requirements expand.

BorderWare Document Gateway (BorderWare Technologies)

An advanced web-enabled file server that delivers a secure platform for storing, sharing and publishing files and documents over the Internet.

BorderWare Mail Gateway (BorderWare Technologies)

A uniquely designed inclusive SMTP, POP and IMAP server that secures Internet e-mail and protects internal mail systems. Administration requires no specialized IT knowledge or experience. BorderWare S-Core supplies a secure platform that requires no intervention. Administration is carried out via an intuitive browser interface. Following the simple initial setup, user accounts can be added, mail maps and aliases specified, and parameters such as mail routes and anti-virus regimes defined.

BorderWare Office Gateway (BorderWare Technologies)

A comprehensive integrated solution for securing your Internet connection. Designed with small business needs in mind, Office Gateway provides strong security in an easy-to-use cost-effective package. Office Gateway incorporates essential Internet servers, notably DNS, SMTP mail and FTP, and ensures that they are set up and configured securely. Office Gateway also integrates seamlessly into existing networks, and requires no modifications to other servers or workstations.

Cisco Secure Integrated Software (Cisco Systems)

Provides robust, integrated firewall and intrusion detection functionality for every perimeter of the network. Available for a wide range of Cisco IOS software-based routers, the Cisco Secure Integrated Software offers sophisticated security and policy enforcement for connections within an organization (intranet) and between partner networks (extranets), as well as for securing Internet connectivity for remote and branch offices.

Cisco Secure PIX Firewall (Cisco Systems)

Dedicated firewall appliance. Delivers strong security without impacting network performance. The product line scales to meet a range of customer requirements, and three capacity license levels. The Cisco Secure PIX Firewall is the leading product in its segment of the firewall market. The Cisco Secure PIX Firewall provides full firewall protection that completely conceals the architecture of an internal network from the outside world. Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections using the IPSec standards can be made with the Cisco Secure PIX Firewall. The Cisco Secure PIX Firewall enforces secure access between an internal network and an intranet, extranet links, and the Internet.

CyberGuard Firewall for Unixware (CyberGuard)

An integrated security system with the highest level of protection and performance to shield your corporate data. Featuring a trusted operating system, CyberGuard has hardened the operating system to include Multiple Virtual Secure Environments (MVSE). MVSE uniquely controls access to system objects (files, directories, sockets, processes), and subjects (users, processes) . It offers the most comprehensive level of security on a variety of industry-standard Intel platforms, protecting your system from today’s sophisticated hackers.

CyberGuard Firewall for Windows NT (CyberGuard)

Designed and developed with the utmost attention to detail, user friendliness and corporate passion for providing the most secure firewall solutions available today and in the future.

Cyberoam (Elitecore Technolgies)

Cyberoam's user identity-based bandwidth management prevents bandwidth abuse and pipeline choking through bandwidth control and scheduling and offers committed, burstable bandwidth. Cyberoam CR100i, CR250i, CR500i are Gateway Security Appliances, offering comprehensive security to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well as branch offices against a range of internal and external threats, including viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, phishing, pharming, DoS attacks, loss of confidential information and more. These all-in-one solutions offer comprehensive network protection with the entire suite of security features - identity-based firewall, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, intrusion detection and prevention (IDP), content filtering, in addition to bandwidth management and multiple link management over a single, easy-to-manage security appliance.

CyberwallPLUS Firewall (Network-1 Security Solutions)

Designed specifically to harden Windows NT systems against intrusion. They not only detect any and all suspicious activity -- they're able to defeat network attacks in real time.

Drawbridge (CERIAS)

Free firewall software. Drawbridge is a firewall package that was developed at Texas AandM University and was designed with a large academic environment in mind. It is a copyrighted, but freely distributable, bridging IP packet filter with a powerful filter language and good performance. It's greatest strength is the ability to perform high speed packet filtering while allowing custom filters for a large number of individual hosts within an intranetwork.

FireProof (Secure Computing)

Solution for maximizing the performance and uptime of multiple firewalls and VPN servers.

FireSTAR (CyberGuard)

Smallest and most affordable appliance firewall in the CyberGuard "superhero" line.

Firewall-1 (Checkpoint Software Technologies)

Comprehensive suite of security products including: Access Control. Authentication. Content Security. Address Translation. VPN Reporting Module. LDAP User Account Mgmt. Third Party Device Mgmt. Intrusion Detection. High Availability.

Firewall Accelerator Card (Intrusion.com)

A hardware-based cryptographic accelerator developed by Chrysalis-ITS. The Firewall Accelerator Card delivers high-performance Virtual Private Networking for users of ODS Networks SecureCom and Check Point Software’s Firewall-1 security solution.  A fully plug-and-play solution, the Accelerator Card provides kernel-level integration with Firewall-1 to perform the processor-intensive cryptographic operations required by IKE IPSec.

Fwconfig (CERIAS)

Free firewall configuration tool.

GB-100 Firewall Appliance (Global Technology Associates)

GNAT Box system configured as a firewall appliance.

GNAT Box (Global Technology Associates)

GTA's Network Address Translation Project firewall ("GNAT Box"). Includes its own operating system.

Guardian Firewall (NetGuard)

Integrates all connection control functions: A single gateway eliminates the need for cascading gateways offering a higher level of security, bandwidth control, connection monitoring, etc. A single packet inspection means that Netguard Firewall inspects every packet only once for all security, bandwidth control, NAT, VPN, authentication and monitoring functions. This significantly boosts the throughput when compared to multiple programs and gateways and increases network speed.
An integrated strategy that includes all security rules, all bandwidth allocation, all NAT rules, etc. Multiple strategies can be stored, named, and recalled. Single object definitions - means that you only need to define users or import directories once. Then they are available for all functions. For example, a user defined for the bandwidth control can also be assigned access rights in the firewall without having to redefine him. Advanced uniform GUI. The same Microsoft-style GUI is used in all Netguard Firewall functions.

HP Praesidium e-Firewall (Hewlett-Packard)

In a partnership with AXENT Technologies, HP offers the Raptor Firewall for HP-UX, Windows NT®, and Solaris platforms.

Interceptor Firewall Appliance (eSoft)

Every connection crossing the firewall is checked by a proxy and examined according to your security policy. If the connection is not approved, the connection request is refused and logged so you can review the suspicious activity. If approved, Interceptor initiates a separate connection to the destination. Interceptor also includes a flexible packet filter which supports Network Address Translation (NAT) for additional applications when address translation is required.


Free packet filtering software for UNIX workstations.

IP Filter (CERIAS)

Free packet filtering software for UNIX workstations.

IP Firewall (CERIAS)

Free firewall software.

KnightSTAR (CyberGuard)

With KnightSTAR, everything's included standard. It's ready to configure quickly and power up, right out of the box! You can deploy and install firewalls faster, so you can serve your customers more quickly.

KryptoWall (Utimaco Safeware Systems)

High-level firewall, hardware implemented.

Lucent Managed Firewall (Lucent Technologies)

Utilizes an easy-to-install, distributed architecture that incorporates a firewall/virtual private network (VPN) hardware appliance and Lucent Security Management Server software. This design provides bulletproof security and significantly simplified security management. Now both ICSA- and NSA-certified, the Lucent Managed Firewall is easily upgradeable to include the IPSec- and IKE-compliant intranet, extranet, and remote access VPN capabilities of the Lucent VPN Gateway.

NetWall (Evidian)

Provides a unique answer to easy, centralized network security management. Its business-oriented management allows your security officers to globally define the business policy in business terms. The proper rules are automatically calculated and deployed on each firewall.

SafeSquid (Office Efficiencies (India))

SafeSquid® provides the mechanism required to deliver Internet Content in an Enterprise Network. Ensures that all the content fetched from the Internet is security checked before it reaches the users. Challenges all applications that seek to access the Internet, to be authenticated. Can be easily managed even in most remote and complex environment. Very easy to use and administer. Can easily complement your existing Internet Gateway. Makes Internet Access, a better experience. Has a very low Total Cost of Owner-ship, and a very good investment.

SecureCom 8000 Family (Intrusion.com)

Designed to incorporate security applications and network modular strategies, providing scalable and secure integration with your existing environment. SecureCom has created a modular chassis with plug-n-play design, offering customers the flexibility to choose the best of breed applications that integrate with their current infrastructure. Supports Linux, HP/UX, BSD UNIX, Windows NT, and Sun Solaris operating systems while providing multiple security application support.

SecureCom Linux Gateway (Intrusion.com)

Low cost, scalable and highly reliable Internet security server solution pre-configured with Red Hat Linux 6.1. The capabilities of SecureCom with Red Hat Linux 6.1 can be set up for use as a email server, DNS server, news server, Web server or as a Firewall server. Apache Web Server and Sendmail package is included to allow you to set up both small intranet servers and large virtual-hosted servers for hundreds of clients.

SecureZone (Secure Computing)

Combines the best of robust, resilient information security with a dynamic visual management interface and economical total cost of ownership. Features include: Secure Computing's SecureOS™ operating system. Patented Type Enforcement™ technology. Visual Ease of Use. Security Policy Regions. Secure Mail and DNS Servers. Embedded Virtual Private Networking. SecureClient Remote VPN Capability. Fully Integrated X.509 Digital Certificates. Centralized and Remote Management. Intrusion Detection and Strikeback™ Response. Advanced Filtering. Performance Web Caching. Flowchart Access Control.

ServerGuard (GenNet)

Designed and developed exclusively for servers. ServerGuard employs the core technologies and follows the excellent quality of WebGuard, providing extra protection solution for corporate network security. ServerGuard can be integrated into gateway firewalls in corporate networks, protecting servers placed outside gateway firewalls for public service's sake. ServerGuard can also protect any important servers inside corporate networks, which prevents security problems caused within a corporation.

Sidewinder Security Server (Secure Computing)

A network security gateway that provides the flexibility to tailor even the most complex of security policies. Implemented as an application-level security gateway that employs Secure Computing's patented Type Enforcement™ security, Sidewinder offers sophisticated access controls and advanced filtering mechanisms for Email, Java, and Web.

SmartWall (V-ONE)

Provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide protection for your critical information systems, while enabling remote access to your network-based applications. SmartWall accomplishes this by integrating industry-leading firewall capabilities with state-of-the-art Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology. SmartWall firewalls use proven application-level proxy technology to deliver the highest level of security for your network assets. Application proxies allow the secure relay of data between untrusted, open networks, like the internet, and your trusted, private network. SmartWall application proxies are completely transparent to users traversing the firewall, but still provide full flexibility to network managers, by allowing separate security policies for both inbound and outbound traffic.


Protects Internet-connected businesses from hackers and intruders, preventing theft, destruction, and manipulation of critical business data. SonicWALL also prevents employees from accessing objectionable Web sites and newsgroups through content filtering. Additional features include logging and reporting as well as IP address management. SonicWALL is the first security appliance for small to mid-sized businesses needing a secure, affordable, and easy-to-administer solution to protect against Internet intruders.


Provides Internet security, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), and content filtering with high performance hardware to meet the needs of large networks. SonicWALL PRO offers branch offices and large, single-site networks a comprehensive security system to combat intruders and secure important business data.  SonicWALL PRO is platform independent, easy-to-install and requires no security or networking expertise. Once installed, it runs quietly and can be securely managed via Web browser.


Protects Internet-connected businesses from hackers and intruders, preventing theft, destruction, and manipulation of critical business data. The SonicWALL product also prevents employees from accessing objectionable Web sites and newsgroups through content filtering. Additional features include logging and reporting as well as IP address management. SonicWALL is the first security appliance for small to mid-sized businesses needing a secure, affordable, and easy-to-administer solution to protect against Internet intruders.

SmoothWall (Smoothwall)

SmoothWall is an automated and remotely managed hardware firewall allows users to create a physical hardware firewall that is fast to install and use. It is licensed under GPL terms (i.e. free for non-commercial use).

STARLord (CyberGuard)

Most powerful appliance firewall in the CyberGuard "superhero" line.


Free software that allows TELNET and FTP traffic across a firewall.

TIS Internet Firewall Toolkit (Trusted Information Systems)

Free firewall software and documentation.

Trusted Gate (TrustWorks Systems)

Protects corporate sub-nets located behind a gateway - providing secure encrypted IP communications for the corporate intranet and extranet and remote and mobile computers. Trusted Gate can also compartmentalise corporate networks into secure 'circles of trust' - protecting sensitive IT assets by controlling access rights in accordance with confidentiality levels (irrespective of the physical topology of the enterprise network or location of the GPN users).

WebGuard (GenNet)

Chinese interface. Through user-friendly graphical operating interface in windows environment, network managers can easily set up the internal security rules based on corporate policies and needs.

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